Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm not much of a movie watcher. I should be, but I'm just not. When I do get off my butt and take Amy out to dinner and a movie, I nearly always enjoy myself, but going to the theatre was not something that I was encouraged or even allowed to do as a kid, and I never really developed the habit when I got older. Even the prospect of watching DVD's on our HDTV doesn't often excite me.

Last night, Amy borrowed a DVD from her sister Leslie and seemed determined that the whole family should sit down together at watch it. I'm glad we did. Young@Heart is a documentary style film about the Young@Heart Chorus a group that puts its own indelible stamp on popular music. Watching it last night, I found myself laughing at times through tears. Songs ranging from "Forever Young" to "I Want to be Sedated" take on a whole new layer of relevance through the ragged voices of these 80 and 90 year old folks.

You can spend half a day going through all the online videos and web sites devoted to this marvelous group and film, but do yourself a favor and just rent it.

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BEK said...

Funny you mention that movie, Dave. . . I'm usually dismayed at the selection of flims that are "new" at Blockbuster--WHO raises money for all this crap to be made, anyway?--and almost left the store empty-handed, but came across this movie, recalled the trailer, and took it home.

My initial reaction was that it was going to be a movie based on a single, easy joke to make: "Ha, ha! Old people singing Cold Play!" And perhaps for part of the film it is that, but as events unfold, you realise what a realy human drama "Young@Heart" really is. . well, I won't spoil it, but i guess you can't expect these things not to happen with a group so elderly. I watched the film the very week my sister and I were dealing with putting my dad in an assisted living complex as he's starting to show more frequent signs of Alzheimer Disease, and it brough tears to my eyes, especially the climactic solo performance.