Monday, October 27, 2008

Get Your Kicks Here

Elrond signing books
My friend Elrond Lawrence can certainly relate to the birthing process I've experienced this year. He wrote and photographed a book entitled Route 66 Railway which is the story of Route 66 and the Santa Fe Railway in the American Southwest. Just as our house project was wrapping up, he was seeing the first copies of his book. Having worked on a book myself in a previous life, I can completely relate to the elation and relief which he is feeling.

Sunday, El's in-laws hosted an autograph party at their beautiful hillside home in Redlands. His wife Laura and daughter Kathryn were on hand, having contributed to the book themselves. It was a lovely event and I couldn't be happier for them and their superb achievement.

Kathryn, Laura and Elrond

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Elrond L said...

Dave is too modest to mention that he contributed the beautiful color maps that begin and end the book ... the same maps that people stop and drool over when they first open a copy. :-)

Thanks, Dave, for being a part of the day, and for this post that serves as a wonderful keepsake. From one proud papa to another ...