Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Lumber Starts to Fly

The last few weeks have been consumed by the task of dividing our worldly possessions into two parts: Those that will fit into our apartment and those that we can live without for six months. Of course, once they were sorted out, they had to be moved to the apartment or storage unit and I'm thankful for the relatives and friends that helped us accomplish that. Now that were done with that a reasonable facsimile of a normal life beckons.

Super Bowl Sunday was spent cleaning out one more closet in the house and finding room for those items in the storage space. After the last items were loaded into the back of my car, I spent some time alone in the place that has been home since 1993. The floors were dirty. Once when Amy was trying to put a shine in the kitchen floor she complained that she felt like she was polishing a turd. The formerly white carpets which seemed like a good idea 15 years ago were now multiple shades of brown and gray. I wasn't kind to the place in my bachelor days and by the time Amy came into my life things were already out of hand. Finally, after some difficult financial times we are in a position to fix it and start over. 

I've been taking a picture of the place every day I stop by after work. I'm assembling them into a Quick Time Movie that will show the progress to anyone interested. I'll add an image to it every time something changes. After it gets too long, I'll start another.

Meanwhile, I'll shut up about this and get back to photography and other pursuits.